Children: Timesharing (Custody) Information Center


Timesharing (also referred to as "child custody") is often the most important issue to divorcing couples that have children.  Several decades ago in Florida, the law generally presumed children were better off living with their mother, who would have what was then referred to as "custody" of the children with the father having "visitation".  These days are over in Florida.  It is now the public policy of Florida for both parents to share in the joys and responsibilities of raising children after a divorce.  

Although the determination of how much time parents spend with children after a divorce is still a "case by case" issue, most judges tend to start from the position that each parent should have equal time with their children after divorce unless there is a compelling reason for a different arrangement.  In Palm Beach County (as long is there is not any domestic violence or other issue of a parent presenting a danger to a child) the typical "worst case" scenario for a parent is to receive "model timesharing", which provides one parent with 38% of the overnights and another parent with 62% of the overnights.   

Below are answers to some of the commonly asked questions that Palm Beach County divorce attorneys commonly receive related to child custody issues.  Click on the links to the questions below for a more detailed answer and please note information related to child support (the financial support of children) can be found here.

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