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There are  thousands of studies that have been made on how divorce affects children and the results are staggering.  Among the devastating consequences are children of divorce are more likely to smoke, drink, abuse drugs, engage in criminal behavior and sadly 1 in 8 children of divorce contemplate suicide.  These are just the tip of the iceberg. 

It is important when contemplating divorce that you take all of these considerations in mind and consider marriage counseling before moving forward.  And if you do decide to divorce you must learn how to put the best interest of your child first during the process.


The articles and podcasts below were provided by marriage counselors with years of experience in counseling couples dealing with the pain of divorce or discourse in their marriage when children are involved.  Use them as a guide to not only heal but overcome infidelity in your relationship.

Helpful Articles:

“He’ll Never Remember It Anyway” Assisting Children Crisis by Crystal Nasser

Things To Know Before You Divorce: How Divorce Affects Children


Helpful Interviews with Therapists:

Helping Young Children Through Crisis Video & Podcast with Crystal Nasser

Helping Adolescents Through Divorce Podcast with Jamie Wintz

 How Divorce Affects Children Of All Ages Podcast with Justin McManus