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All relationships will go through rough patches.  Sometimes the problems are minor and sometimes the problems are serious enough to contemplate a divorce.  Whether big or small it is crucial to always be working on improving your relationship.  Marriage is work.  Counseling is a great way for couples to stay or get back on track or just educating yourself can help. 

 This can help you clearly define the problems that you're facing and help you both see the role you are playing in it. Most importantly it can give you the communication skills to work out problems before your marriage gets to a point of no return.


The articles and podcasts below were provided by marriage counselors with years of experience in helping couples improve their relationships.  Use them as a guide to not only heal but overcome infidelity in your relationship.

Helpful Articles:

Stepping Out Of Vicious Cycles: How To Stop The Never-Ending Fight by Jennifer Hume

How Do You Heal Your Wounded Relationship? Get To The Core by Jennifer J. Hume

Happily Ever After: How to Keep the Love You've Created by Jennifer Hume

The Benefits Of Marriage Counseling: What To Expect From Relationship Counseling  

Think You Want A Divorce? Five Signs You're Not Really Ready        


Helpful Interviews with Therapists:

Married With Children: Keeping The Spark Alive with Nathan Oliver

How To Deal With Addiction In A Relationship Podcast with Wynne Stallings

How To Stop Downward Relationship Cycles Podcast with Tina Montalvo

Improving Intimacy Podcast with Jianny Adamo

Getting To The Core Podcast with Jennifer Hume

Ways to Improve & Rebuild Your Relationship Podcast with Laura Zipris

How to Take Control of Conflict in Your Relationship Podcast with Jemma Coleman

Harmful Communication Patterns in Relationships & How to Fix Them Podcast with Dr. Kate Campbell