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Articles & podcasts on dealing with & overcoming infidelity in your marriage or relationship. 

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Finding out that your husband or wife has been having an affair is devastating and can make you feel that the marriage could not possibly survive it.  

Not only is it extremely painful it makes you ask the hard questions. Should you stay? Can you ever trust him or her again?
Can you and even should you forgive them and move on?

When grappling with these questions it's important to know that when your spouse strays there's a much deeper issue within the marriage that has not been dealt with. It's crucial then to explore each spouse’s role that may have lead to the infidelity.

The articles and podcasts below were provided by marriage counselors with years of experience in counseling couples dealing with the pain of infidelity.  Use them as a guide to not only heal but overcome infidelity in your relationship.

Helpful Articles:

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Helpful Interviews with Therapists:

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