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Cheryl Alterman, Wellington Marriage Counselor


Cheryl Alterman, LCSW

Cheryl Alterman, LCSW

Address: 8461 Lake Worth Road, Suite 248, Lake Worth, FL 33467

Phone: (561) 333-4555

Website:  www.CherylAlterman.com

Email: cherylalterman7@icloud.com




Cheryl Alterman, LCSW, a Wellington Marriage Counselor, is a licensed therapist with over twenty years of expertise in treating couples in conflict. Adult relationships can be challenging. Lack of communication, or "the guessing game" of what your partner thinks, feels, and conveys to you can be a mystery that ends in emotional pain.  Some questions that you might ask yourself...

  ~  Why do we always seem to be fighting over the littlest things and nothing ever gets resolved?

  ~  Does my partner actually value me, or do I just fit into a preconceived image?

  ~  Can I trust my partner?

  ~  Are we truly committed towards one another?

Cheryl's empathetic, validating and easy to talk to style will quickly understand your struggles. She will encourage and assist you in exploring your inner resources that will enhance your ability towards making healthy changes as a couple or individually.

Cheryl maintains a private practice in the Wellington/Lake Worth area.