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Meaghan Flenner, West Palm Beach Marriage Counselor

Meaghan Flenner

Meaghan Flenner, LMHC, CAP, Certified EMDR Trauma Therapist

Address: 580 Village Blvd, Suite 370 West Palm Beach, FL 33409

Phone: (561) 371-8551

Website:  www.megcanhelp.com

Email: meaghan.flenner@megcanhelp.com 


Welcome. My practice offers psychotherapy for couples, adolescents, and families seeking to resolve problems, remove blocks and improve their lives. Beginning couples counseling can seem like a daunting prospect. Many couples arrive in the midst of a relational crisis.  There may be an affair.  Verbal and emotional abuse or addiction could be at the core. Some couples come to therapy because one or both partners are dissatisfied and have lost hope, but don’t want the marriage to end.

I strongly believe that we are complex individuals and a product of nature, nurture, and our experiences. Often our complexities don’t show up until we are in a romantic relationship. Suddenly, we find our past emotional wounds being poked, and our partners may be reminding us (whether we recognize it consciously or not) of someone from our family-of-origin who scared us, invalidated us, or never allowed us to be right. Understanding where we come from and how we differ from our partner can be a significant part of growing in intimacy in our relationship.

I offer couple’s therapy in two formats: weekend intensives or regular sessions. Choosing the appropriate format for you will depend on the issues that are bringing you to therapy and your availability for sessions. If you are interested in a combination, the weekend intensive serves as a great jump-start to couple’s therapy, covering several weeks’ worth of material in one session. You will leave feeling more understanding and compassion toward your partner, as well as learning new tools to start communicating more effectively. If you are not married I also offer premarital counseling.

Sometimes both partners are willing participants in couple’s therapy, sometimes not. Many fear the "stigma" of needing therapy and would rather try to work things out for themselves. All of us could use some help from time to time in our lives. If you are struggling, unhappy or close to separating or divorce, seeking professional help could restore your relationship. I use a blend of therapies tailored for each couple and their unique concerns.

I am trained in the following marriage and premarital modalities: Gottman Level 1 Prepare & Enrich – Building Strong Marriages Couples Communication I use other marriage and family therapies such as Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy and Imago Therapy.

I offer many types of mental health services.  My website http://MegCanHelp.com will give information about me and provide detailed information about my specialty areas. I am available for a pre-appointment phone consultation. Begin by calling to set up a pre-appointment and you can do that easily through the Contact Me page of my website. I look forward to helping you and your partner heal and strengthen your relationship. 

Warm Regards, Meaghan