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Karen Collins, MSW, LCSW, ACSW


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Karen Collins

Address:  4266 West Main Street, Jupiter, Florida 33458

Phone: (561) 512-9743


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You can develop a happy and healthy relationship to become the couple that your friends admire because you are so obviously connected. Fulfilling and healthy relationships should be the norm not the exception. Learn how to define what you need in a partner and become the best partner you can be to develop an amazing relationship. I assist you in identifying, developing and maintaining the relationship you want and need. I work with individuals and couples-pre-marriage, during marriage and with couples who have chosen to divorce to promote the healthiest relationships possible.

Learn to manage stress, responses to stress and trauma, and mood fluctuation to improve your quality of life. Therapy assists in minimizing the impact of stressors, improves mood, reduces depression and anxiety and provides direction to navigate stressful events to decrease negative outcomes. A few sessions can create significant changes.


I utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy interventions to promote good emotional health. I treat people with adjustment issues, anger issues, stress, grief and loss, trauma, depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. I will assist with symptom reduction and management and collaborate with your primary care physician or psychiatrist as needed regarding medication management(if medication is needed).

Amazing relationships can happen with the right guidance and direction. I have spent a significant amount of my career working with couples to improve and strengthen their relationships. I work with couples pre-marriage, during marriage and with couples and families who are going through a divorce. You can learn how to have and maintain great relationships.

I help couples and families who have chosen to divorce minimize the negative impact on the family during the adjustment and transition to the impending lifestyle change. Support, mediation and counseling are offered to the couple and family throughout the divorce and beyond as needed. It is important to prevent and reduce the emotional expense that a divorce can have on children and parents. Divorce is life altering to all involved, but it can be handled in a healthy manner that produces the least amount of trauma possible.

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