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Debra Joy Goldman, MS, LMHC



Debra Joy Goldman, MS, LMHC
Address:  221 Greenwich Circle, Suite 100, Jupiter, FL  33458
1408 N. Killian Drive, Suite 112, Lake Park, FL 33403
Phone:  (561) 602-8041




About Debra Goldman, MS, LMHC

Debra Goldman has been practicing psychotherapy for over 25 years and offers a variety of services: psychotherapy for individuals and couples, Dream Groups, confidential half hour phone consults to discuss your dreams, workshops, seminars, and dream classes.

Her couples psychotherapy is aimed at helping couples who want more intimacy, are healing from infidelity, want to develop more trust or desire improved communication.

Debra is also the author of her new book, Love in Action, A Manual for Lasting Love. According to psychotherapist Debra, couples can improve their relationship with simple small changes. Her new book Love in Action, A Manual for Lasting Love instructs how to have more love and fulfillment, and offers inspirational and motivating techniques to improve your relationships. Her writing is easy to read and understand. The book will provide insightful, actionable ideas to assist you in your endeavor to have the love and fulfillment that you want.

Debra also offers a Free 15-minute consult for those considering therapy.

One unique service that Debra offers is Dream Work. 

"Have you ever woken up in the morning and thought "What a strange dream, I wonder what it means?" Do you have a dream that repeats itself throughout your life? Do you have bad dreams or nightmares? What are the messages from your dreams? Even if you don't remember your dreams they affect you daily. Dreams provide guidance, information, and insights about your physical health, your relationships, your potential for change, and your spiritual growth. Dreams provide life direction and answers to your deepest questions.  Find out more about her dream work or to form or join a Dream Group by visiting

Other specialties include:

  • Anxiety & Panic Disorders

  • Grief & Loss

  • Shame & Guilt

  • Stress & Emotional Problems

  • Depression & Low Self-Esteem

  • Co-dependency

  • Relationships & Women's Issues

  • Life Transitions & Creativity

Her offices are in Jupiter and Lake Park Florida, conveniently located for Palm Beach Gardens, North Palm Beach, Tequesta, Stuart, Port Saint Lucie, West Palm Beach and Palm Beach. 

For more information about me and my practice, please call me at (561) 602-8041 or view my website at





Veronica Lichtenstein, LMHC

Veronica Lichtenstein.jpg

Jupiter Marriage Counselor

Veronica Lichtenstein, LMHC
Address:  4425 Military Trail, Suite 203, Jupiter, Florida 33458
Phone: (561) 747-2775



About Veronica Lichtenstein, LMHC

Often the first question a new client asks is, "Where do I begin?" So much is on your plate; it might feel like it will take forever to tell your life story and what is on your mind. My philosophy is that wherever you start is the right place.

I do not follow a set script, write everything down with a pen constantly in hand, or stop the session exactly on the mark. My sessions are about building the relationship and staying relatable so that my clients feel safe to open up and explore their issues. Dialogue will be in conversation format and the client will be in control of the session. I believe that the clients have the answers already and I am just the facilitator for this. I use a lot of reflection , tying in the clients' thoughts into goals indicated by them. I enjoy witnessing my clients' empowerment!

My diverse background has helped in all aspects of becoming a caring therapist. I grew up in upstate New York and am the oldest of three girls to immigrant parents. Quite often, I would feel caught between two worlds and I think this experience enables me to relate to all types of people.

I received my undergraduate degree with dual majors of Public Relations and English at SI Newhouse, Syracuse University. Later, I settled in Chicago, IL where I earned my Masters in Elementary Education. I have always enjoyed kids and adolescents and have taught a variety of ages, from preschool to 7th grade. Connecting with my students and seeing their individual struggles in development, was the inspiration to go back to school and earn my Masters at Nova Southeastern University in Mental Health Counseling.

I see individuals of all ages with a variety of issues, ranging from trauma, global delays, OCD, ADHD, bipolar, dual diagnosis, gender identity issues, depression, anxiety...the list goes on! I especially enjoy group work and have really connected with the energy of the teen population in group settings.

I have resided in Jupiter for 15 years, along with my husband and 2 children, 15 and 10 years old, and am an active member in the community.


Carri Lager, Ph.D., LP



Dr. Carri Lager

Address:  900 S. US Hwy One, Suite 101, Jupiter, Florida 33477

Phone: (561) 727-9120


Email : 


I earned my Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Loyola University Chicago with a focus on developmental and multicultural issues in psychotherapy and a combined Masters Degree and Specialist Degree (M.Ed./Ed.S.) in Mental Health Counseling from one of the nation's top ranked Counselor Education programs at the University of Florida. I am currently licensed in the state of Florida to practice clinical psychology independently and am a registrant of the National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology. 

I have over thirteen years of clinical training and experience working with diverse children, adolescents, young adults, adults, couples, and families within university counseling centers, outpatient centers, inpatient child/adolescent and substance abuse hospitals, school settings, and private practice. My clients sought treatment for a variety of presenting issues ranging from short-term transitional concerns to more long-standing, deep-rooted issues. I have an integrative treatment approach and philosophy based on the individual needs of my clients that combines evidence-based cognitive-behavioral, solution-focused, relational, and acceptance-based approaches (e.g., mindfulness).

In my experience, I have found that there is too often an emphasis on problems or what's "wrong" with individuals that seek therapy, often creating a negative stigma. My therapeutic style is unique in that I take ample time to thoroughly understand the issues that bring my clients into treatment while simultaneously discovering, highlighting, and utilizing their strengths and successes to carefully develop focused and realistic treatment goals. This is done in the context of considering each client's unique cultural background and life experiences. My aim is to help restore your sense of well-being and balance as quickly as possible by fostering self-reliance, self-acceptance, and self-awareness in a caring, accepting environment. I view the therapeutic relationship as a primary agent of change and work to ensure this relationship develops into one that is both safe and collaborative. I believe that each person is the expert of their life. We will work together to develop both short-term and long-term goals and consistently measure our progress toward achieving them. It is my role to foster greater self-awareness so a unique path toward a sense of balance can be realized by my clients. 


I am currently providing individual, couples, and family therapy (ages 6 years - adult). Clinical specializations include, but are not limited to, the following:

    ADHD/ADHD Testing
    Adjustment Disorders
    Adolescent Issues
    Anger Management
    Anxiety Disorders; Panic, Social, GAD, Phobias,    Performance, OCD
    Assertive Communication Training
    Biofeedback Training**
    Career Planning, Exploration
    Childhood/Teen Behavioral Issues
    Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
    College Preparation
    Couples/Marital Issues (All Orientations)
    Eating Disorders/Disordered Eating/Body Image
    Healthy Self-Esteem
    Identity, Acculturation Issues
    LGBTQ Issues
    Life Transitions
    Lifestyle Coaching
    Men's Issues
    Mind-Body Techniques
    Parenting/Family Issues
    Peer Pressure
    Postpartum Depression
    Pre-Marital Counseling
    Relaxation Training
    School Difficulties (Academic, Social)
    Self-Injurious Behavior
    Sexuality, Sexual Orientation
    Smoking Cessation
    Solution-Focused Therapy
    Spiritual Issues; Interfaith Couples
    Stress Management
    Time Management, Study Skills
    Women's Issues
    Work/Family Balance


Biofeedback is a treatment technique where people are trained to improve their health by using signals from their own bodies. You have most likely already used biofeedback without realizing it. A thermometer tells you if you are running a fever or a scale tells you whether you have gained weight. Both of these devices provide feedback about your body's condition. You can then take steps to improve these conditions.

Some common uses of biofeedback by psychologists are: decreasing chronic stress, treating a variety of anxiety disorders, coping with depression, calming anger, decreasing/increasing blood pressure as needed, managing disorders involving the digestive system, improving performance (i.e., public speaking, athletic events, acting/singing), improving sleep patterns, and promoting an overall sense of well being and balance. Information gained by using biofeedback techniques in therapy (i.e., heart rate, skin temperature, blood pressure) is valuable and can be used to gauge and direct the progress of treatment.

Like a pitcher learning to throw a ball across a home plate, the biofeedback trainee, in an attempt to improve a skill (i.e., relaxation), monitors their performance. When a pitch is off the mark, the ballplayer adjusts their technique so that they perform better the next time that they try. When the light flashes or the beeper beeps too often, the biofeedback trainee makes internal adjustments which alter the signals. The biofeedback therapist acts as a coach, standing at the sidelines setting goals and limits on what to expect and giving hints on how to improve performance.

Using cutting edge software, I will work with you to monitor and improve your performance across sessions. The goal is to achieve what is known as "coherence" or getting in "the zone." This is a completely non-invasive technique hat will simply require you to wear a clip on your earlobe or finger. Many people find this technique very informative as it provides a visual, visceral indication of how your thoughts and feelings are directly related to your bodily functions. Therefore, when trained to calm your mind through relaxation and other techniques, your emotions and body will also become calm and more balanced.


Individuals, couples, and families seek therapy for a wide   variety of reasons. It is very common for these people to question their “normality.” I encourage my clients to view their decision to enter therapy as a healthy and courageous act that will hopefully aid in enhancing their lives. 

When you initially call to schedule an appointment, I will ask you some general questions to get a sense of the issues that are bringing you to therapy. During our first session you will be asked to fill out some forms and meet with me for approximately one hour so that I can gather relevant information about you that will allow us to begin formulating a plan of action for your treatment. Should you decide to pursue a therapeutic relationship with me, subsequent sessions are typically held once per week for 50 minutes. 

Each individual’s treatment varies. In general, you will be expected to explore the areas that we initially identify as being your primary concerns/issues during our weekly sessions. At times, I might ask you to do some work between sessions that we will then process during the following meeting. It is common for individuals first entering therapy to experience a heightened level of hope during the first few sessions. Subsequently, your experience may vary from times in which you feel stuck to instances in which you feel very successful. 

Please keep in mind that change is a process that takes time. It is important for you to allow yourself to be patient and mindful of even the slightest of improvement. Many people find therapy to be an invaluable tool in achieving a sense of balance and happiness in their lives. The benefits of therapy depend a great deal on what you put into the process and how much of what you discover during therapy you actually apply in your daily life.