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Nicholas S. Aradi, Ph.D.


Nicholas S. Aradi, Ph.D.

Address:  600 Sandtree Drive, Suite 210A, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33403

Phone:  (561) 626-2444




Since 1990, I have maintained a private practice in Palm Beach Gardens specializing in individual, marital, family, and sex therapy. I also provide forensic evaluations and have been asked to give expert testimony in numerous cases involving parental fitness/child custody, sexual offending, addiction, and trauma. In 1995, I expanded the practice to include family business consultation and organizational development.

I received my Bachelors Degree in Psychology for the University of Florida, graduating with honors in 1974. I continued on at the University of Florida and earned Masters and Specialists Degrees in School Psychology in 1976.

After graduating, I worked for 5 years as a school psychologist in St. Petersburg, Florida. As opposed to doing traditional school psychology (testing), I was part of a unique and innovative program which provided comprehensive services to high schools. This included individual and group counseling to students, in-service training to teachers and administrators, and parent education. The overall focus of the work was to identify students at risk to drop-out, and help them succeed and graduate. An additional component of the job included conducting 2 and 3 day workshops for school districts around the country interested in implementing an alternative to student suspension program.

One of the important things working with adolescents taught me was that working with them individually was of limited effectiveness. I grew to believe that to help them change, it was important to work with the entire family. Hence, in 1982 I applied and was accepted to Purdue University’s Family Therapy Program. I was attracted to the program’s strong balance in theory, practice (we were engaged in supervised clinical practice during all three years of study) and research. As a doctoral student, I was the grant writer and principal investigator of a major university-funded research study designed to investigate the efficacy of different approaches to marital therapy. I graduated in the Fall of 1985 and moved to Palm Beach County to start a private practice.

I have been since 1978 and have two daughters in college. For recreation, I enjoy boating, offshore fishing, snorkeling, music and reading.

You can click Palm Beach Gardens Marriage Counselor to view my website, and my Resume/CV is available here: Dr. Aradi's Resume/CV.



Dillon A. Steinman, LMHC


Dillon Steinman.jpg

Dillon A. Steinman

Address: 500 S Australian Ave Suite 639 West Palm Beach, Florida 33401

Phone: (561) 236-0854


Email :


Stressed about life? Relationship issues, finances, work, addiction, mental illness, etc. You want more from life, but you simply aren't able to make that happen on your own due to the current circumstances. You will soon experience a significantly better life as we work towards accomplishing your goals.

I have been working with children and families for over a decade. I have worked in a variety of settings with a range of clients from severely mentally ill, traumatized children, relationship issues, addiction, and others.

I am flexible with my schedule and offer office or home appointments. I have experience and training in behavior issues, family/parenting issues, relationships, addiction, mental illness, along with others; which has been a benefit to my clients as they see results that positively impact multiple areas of their life.

My goal is to help individuals and families to experience a life that you love. We will work together to clarify the issues that are preventing you from experiencing a fully satisfying life, and further develop practical goals to help you accomplish this.

Your therapy experience might be comparable to having a good friend walk alongside you through the stress of life and provide you with support, wise counsel, and help clarify some of the thoughts or actions that are providing undesirable results in your life.

I have a master's degree in counseling psychology and a license from the state of Florida in mental health counseling. Some of my background includes working with addiction, families, children, students, small groups, foster children/parents, severe mental illness, along with other experience.

My areas of expertise include:

  • Individual counseling and life coaching

  • Addiction counseling / Impulse control

  • Cognitive therapies for negative thinking

  • Behavior modification

  • Parent/Child issues

  • Trauma / Grief and Loss

  • Financial stress

  • Relationship issues

  • Life transitions

  • Spiritual/Faith issues

Member of the South Florida Association of Christian Counselors.

Certified Triple P provider (parenting program).



Wynne Stallings, LMHC, CAP, ICADC





Wynne Stallings, LMHC CAP

Address:  100 Village Square Crossing Suite 105 Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33410

Phone: (561) 389-5236


Email :



The issues for which I have the most experience and the most passion include: entire families impacted by addiction; addicts and ACA's in recovery seeking to rebuild their lives; persons seeking help in codependent relationships; premarital and marital couples seeking to enrich or restore their marriages; persons seeking to expand or redefine their career paths; and overall persons who feel "stuck" in life and need assistance finding direction, excitement, and purpose. I have worked in the secular environment for my entire career. However, I am able to provide a biblical perspective for clients who desire such an orientation.

Addicts get many hours of therapy while in treatment, but family members, comparatively, get very few. I have specialized in helping family members understand and cope with addiction whether the addict is using or not. Addiction runs in families and although genetics can't change, family coping skills can.

My experience is broad and varied. In addition to substance abusing adults, I have worked with children and adolescents with learning, behavior, and substance use disorders. I have worked with prison inmates, including 3 years on a psychiatric unit. My passions for all are personal, marital, and family growth.

You can reach Wynne at 561-389-5236 or visit her website at