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Carol Moore, LCSW

Jupiter Marriage Counselor

Carol Moore, LCSW
Address:  4425 Military Trail, Suite 203, Jupiter, Florida 33458
Phone: (561) 747-2775


I limit my practice to working with adults, including couples and individuals.  Although my practice includes working with and treating substance abuse, depression and anxiety trauma, I have a special passion for helping my female clients move forward from physically and mentally abusive relationships.

My belief is that the most important relationship you can have is the one with yourself. If you don't have positive feelings toward yourself, how can you truly be happy and have honest and loving relationships in your life? I give my clients the skills and tools to create positive change in their lives. Results they have seen include: Increased self-confidence/ Much improved self-esteem/ Finding their ideal mate/ Enjoying intimacy in their relationships/ Created open lines of communication with their partner, family, friends or co-workers/ Major decreases in symptoms due to loss, grief or from a traumatic event/ Improved work performance

I am a solution-focused therapist who is dedicated to providing results. This does require work on your part. You will need to be ready for change and willing to listen to my guidance to create the positive changes you seek.

We will start by examining the overall history of your problem. Next we will look into what other remedies you have tried to resolve your issue(s). Most importantly, I will give you specific action steps to take which will lead to the outcome you desire.

For more information about me and my practice, please call me at (561) 747-2775 or view my website at


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