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We’ve all heard the phrase ‘The Honeymoon is Over’.  It is inevitable that all couples eventually reach that stage in their relationship where they are feeling things aren’t so peachy anymore.  This usually manifests itself with behaviors such as frequent arguing, leaving in the middle of a fight, not spending time just talking, not having sex, shutting the other person out, among others.

There are normal ups and downs of marriage but sometimes these behaviors can chip away at a marriage  and before you know it your marriage is in real trouble. It's important for couples to  get their marriage back on track by looking not just at surface issues but also working on the core issues that fuel the behavior.  

The articles and podcasts below were provided by marriage counselors with years of experience in helping couples keep their relationships together through difficult times.  Use them as a guide to not only heal but overcome infidelity in your relationship.

Helpful Articles:

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Helpful Interviews with Therapists:

How To Keep Things Fresh In Your Relationship Podcast with Debra Goldman

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