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Don't Do This!- 16 Ways to Blow Your Marriage

Don't Do This! 16 Ways to Blow Your Marriage  


Dan Pierce, the twice divorced "single dad laughing" described the awkward situation of giving his little sister relationship advice on how to stay married before her wedding.

Given Mr. Pierce went through two divorces, his advice was more in the sense of what not to do.  Although half of his suggestions are couched in humor, I can tell you from years of listening to clients in my family law practice that taking his advice on what NOT to do is a great idea!

The top 16 things not to do in stay married (or 16 things to do to blow your marriage):

 1. Don't Stop Holding Her Hand

2. Don't Stop Trying to Be Attractive

3. Don't Always Point Out Her Weaknesses

4. Don't Stop Cooking for Her

5. Don't Yell at Your Spouse

6. Don't Call Names

7. Don't Be Stingy with Your Money

8. Don't Argue in Front of the Kids

9. Don't Encourage Each Other to Skip Working Out

10.  Don't Poop with the Bathroom Door Open

11. Don't Stop Kissing Her

12. Don't Stop Having Fun Together (Big One!)

13. Don't Pressure Each Other

14. Don't Label Each Other with Negative Labels

15. Don't Skip Out on Things that are Important to Her

16. Don't Emotionally Distance Yourself After a Fight

Take it from a divorce attorney- all of the above are great suggestions on things NOT to do if you want to have and keep a happy marriage!

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