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How do you heal your wounded relationship? Get to the core.

How do you heal your wounded relationship?  Get to the core.

By: Jennifer J. Hume, M.Ed., LMHC

Working as a professional counselor for over 15 years, I have had the opportunity to learn from my work with countless couples.  Over the course of three articles, I’m going to share the most important things I’ve taken away from this work, the most critical aspects of healing wounded relationships.

The first step is the bedrock of relationship repair.  In couples counseling, I call it “getting to the core.”   The tricky part about doing it is, just like reaching the bedrock of the planet Earth, getting down to that firm foundation upon which to rebuild takes some sweat equity.  Getting to the core is hard work because it almost always gets complicated by power struggles, fear of vulnerability, and surface issues.  Allow me to explain these complicating factors before we really get to the meat of what core issues are and why it is imperative to work on them. 

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