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Karen Collins' Happy & Healthy Relationships Podcast

West Palm Beach Divorce attorney Christopher R. Bruce recently interviewed Jupiter Mental Health Therapist Karen Collins  about how to develop and keep healthy and happy relationships.  Ms. Collins recently authored a book on the same subject, In the Pink: Developing Happy Relationships, and a blog post on Happy Relationships. Ms. Collins' interview is accessible below and will be available momentarily for free download at the iTunes store: click here to download from iTunes. 

Editor's Note: Karen Collins is a marriage and relationship counselor in Jupiter, Florida.  Karen's StayMarriedFlorida profile can be viewed by clicking here.  Karen can also be contacted at (561) 512-9743, or through her website,

Happy Relationships

Happy Relationships

By Karen Collins, MSW, LCSW, ACSW

Having a healthy and happy relationship is not as complicated as it may seem. A healthy relationship is built on mutual respect and mutual benefit. One of the most predominant qualities of a happy relationship is having respect for one another. If you do not talk to your partner with the same respect that you would speak to a friend, loved one, co-worker, boss or family member, then you have to question if you genuinely respect him or her. Treating your partner as your intellectual and emotional equal strengthens your relationship. Lack of respect can cause resentment; it is one of the quickest ways to undermine your relationship.

Consider some basic guidelines to assist you in developing and maintaining a healthy relationship. When you read over the guidelines, you will notice that all of them have some element of respect within the guideline.

  1. Keep in mind it is what you say, how you say it and when you say it! Your demeanor, tone, posture and attitude all factor into what you say and how well it is received.
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